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The development of an increasingly sophisticated era, especially in the world of information such as newspapers, has largely now shifted to a virtual world.

When ancient times a person can take months to receive news from the opposite island, currently only a matter of seconds each person can access the information through their respective gadgets.

Once the importance of an information, even when it has entered the realm of purpose. A media course is not just aimed at the economy to maintain its existence as an online medium. Moreover, the media also has the authority to influence it subtly.

Apart from the above context and interests, Jogja Post is ready to be one of the online media that adheres to the guidelines and rules of journalism such as justice, honesty, openness of insight and spread positive values ​​in everyday life.

Jogja Post; Jogja and the International World

The birth of Jogja Post is none other than to meet the demand of people who want healthy information, positive but also still njawani. Through this online media, Jogja Post will present information through means of communication of various languages ​​namely Arabic, English, Indonesia and Java.

The existence of multi-language above is expected to reach readers from the world and internationally, especially for the Javanese brothers who are outside the island and abroad such as Suriname and other Javanese communities.