5 Unique Facts about History of Borobudur

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5 Unique Facts about History of Borobudur

A brief History

According to historians named J.G de Casparis mention in scientific studies dissertation in 1950 said that Borobudur is a place of worship. This is based on the discovery of Karangtengah and Tri Tepusan inscriptions.

Based on this, J.G de Casparis estimates that the founder of Borobudur was King Mataram of the Syailendra dynasty named Samaratungga which began in 824 AD by taking almost half a century.

On the inscription Karangtengah mentioned about the conferment of land sima (land tax-free) by Cri Kahulunan (Pramudawardhani) to maintain Kamulan or called Bhumisambhara.

The term Kamulan is derived from the word Mula which means the place of origin, the sacred building to glorify the ancestors and possibly its ancestors from the Syailendra dynasty. Casparis also estimates that Bhumi Sambhara Bhudhara in Sanskrit means the Hill of the Bodhisattva Ten Bodhisattva Benefits is the original name of Borobudur.

History of Discovery and Restoration of Borobudur Temple

Relief in Borobudur Temple

As the influence of Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms on Java affected and influenced by the inclusion of Islamic civilization, Borobudur began to be abandoned. This historic building was displaced until in 1814 was invented by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles who also served as Governor General of England over Java.

At that time also restoration efforts have been attempted. The largest restoration project was carried out from 1975 to 1982 on the support of the government and UNESCO as a historic site on the world heritage site.


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