Jomblang Cave

Penetrating Highlight “Light of Heaven” Jomblang Cave

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Jomblang Cave

Jomblang Cave is one of the interesting tourist destinations still in the area of ​​Yogyakarta Special Region. Precisely in the village of Pacarejo, Semanu, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta.

It is no wonder if the area of ​​Gunung Kidul be hunted by tourists who want to explore the wealth and natural beauty. In addition to still beautiful, Gunung Kidul also still has a natural characteristic and of course interesting to visit.

Not only the nature is beautiful, but many areas in the area of ​​Gunung Kidul are now one by one began to explore and attract many tourists to visit.

And of course, the thing that is not less interesting is its natural beauty – so fascinating that it becomes one of the main destinations of tourists.

Both the tourists who just want to just enjoy the natural scenery, take pictures ria and the tourists who have a goal to display it on the social media of private property as a form of self-satisfaction.

Recent years, indeed the development of tourism in the area of ​​Gunung Kidul began to show its fangs. One by one interesting place popping up in Gunung Kidul and had become a trending topic.

So many tourist areas that we can choose when visiting Gunung Kidul. In addition to the beach area is very beautiful and amazing, it turns out Gunung Kidul also hide the beauty of nature is very amazing.

Jomblang Cave Tour

Jomblang Cave Wiki

One of the natural attractions is Jomblang Cave. This cave is a Vertical Cave of type collapse doline; formed by geological processes.

This process is a process of land degradation along with vegetation above it to the bottom of the earth that has occurred thousands of years ago.

This collapse forms a sinkhole or well that gives its own uniqueness for this Cave. How not, wide mouth This cave reaches 50 meters.

Currently, Jomblang Cave is a place of ancient plant conservation and has been developed into a special interest attractions run by local residents.

As already explained above that the mouth of this cave is vertical with the distance between the cave lips with essentially varied, the deepest about 80 meters.

Beginning of Discovery Jomblang Cave

Jomblang Cave Location

This cave was first explored in 1984 by the Cave Explorers Club of Yogyakarta named Acintyacunyata Speleogical Club (ASC).

To enter this Cave, it takes a special ability Single Technique Rope (SRT) or commonly known as raw techniques. Usually, this technique is used to descend the vertical Cave.

How, simply by using a rope as a path that is used for the way up and down the vertical place.

Although the track is vertical, but do not worry because the manager has provided complete equipment in accordance with the safety standards caving in the vertical cave. So, even though the cave track is vertical, we will remain safe while exploring the contents of the Cave.

There are 4 paths that can be used by nature explorers to enter the Cave grounds. The first line is the easiest path or usually called the VIP line.

In this path, the first 15 meters, tourists will pass through a steep trajectory that can still be tapaki by foot, while the remaining distance to the bottom of the Cave can be reached by SRT about 20 meters.

While the other three lines are more difficult terrain because they have to use the SRT from an altitude of 80 meters (Line A), 60 meters (Line B), 40 meters (Line C). If you are first entering the Vertical Cave, it is advisable to select the VIP path first to ensure safety.

Light of Heaven in Jomblang Cave

How to Get to Jomblang Cave

Many people mentioned that in this Cave there is a “Light of Heaven”. The assumption is not excessive because in Jomblang Cave there is sunlight that burst in from Luweng Grubug as high as 90 meters.

The sun that enters the cave forms like a light pole and illuminates the beautiful flowstone. So beautiful, so beautiful as “Light of Heaven”.

The light will be more beautiful when viewed from the depths of the dark cave. There is a drop of water that adds to the atmosphere becomes more soothing plus make this Cave looks very amazing.

Behind The Beauty of Heaven’s Light Jomblang Cave

Entrance Fee Jomblang Cave

But behind the real beauty that this Cave offers, who would have thought that actually this Cave keeps a bitter and heartbreaking story. This Jomblang cave is a silent witness to a very dark historical story.

In the 1970s-1980s, the Cave was the location of the massacre of PKI members. Hundreds of PKI members are expected to meet his death in this Jomblang Cave.

According to the story, they are grouped lined up in the mouth of the Cave with hands tied to each other. So, when one is fired upon to fall into the Cave, the other members will fall into the Cave.

This story could make the locals feel scared, even more haunted stories that circulate about the Cave. Told also that there are lost explorers while visiting Jomblang Cave.

In the 1990s, people around the Cave held a prayer together in the Cave and since then there is no more strange story or Cave explorers are lost in the Cave Jomblang lost.

For beginner explorers as well as visitors who have never crossed the lane to get to the bottom of the Cave, the journey may be very tiring.

Moreover, the spooky stories circulating from the explorers who had first visited the Jomblang Cave will probably make the prospective visitors feel fear and trepidation before entering the Cave.

But do not worry, because when you have arrived at the bottom of the Cave, all the tired and the fear will soon be destroyed and replaced by a stir in awe of the beauty that you meet at the bottom of the Cave.

At the bottom of the Cave we can find some lush foliage plants, limestone walls Caves covered with shrubs.

And when you have reached the bottom of the cave, there you will find a natural-made natural cubicle that can be a place to rest for a moment.

The chamber you can make a place to relax first before resuming the journey through the passage connecting Jomblang Cave with other Cave named Grubug Cave.

The connecting lane of the two Caves is quite wide with a length of about 500 meters. But do not worry because to walk down the aisle can easily. You just walk along the path formed from the rocks arranged elongated.

However, we must remain cautious because the road is very slippery in the air caused by the humid Cave.

After arriving at the end of the corridor which is the basis of the Grubug Cave, we can see the amazing beauty amazing. There are 2 large stalagnites of brownish green color standing upright in the middle of the Grubug Grotto.

If we can reach the bottom of Grubuk Cave at 13.00 WIB, then we will be able to see the exotic scenery from sunlight that penetrate into the darkness to the bottom of Grubug Cave.

Sunlight also touches a number of stalactites and stalagmites formed from water droplets for thousands of years. There is a small stream of streams derived from holy times located on the northern side of the large stalagmite.

We can use a rubber boat to walk along the river that connects Grubug Cave with some other Caves in the Karst mountain region during the dry season.

However, because during the rainy season the river flow is quite heavy, so visitors are not advised to try to trace the river.

Route Towards Jomblang Cave

Jomblang Cave in Jogja

To visit Jomblang Cave Gunung Kidul, tourists can use public transportation from Giwangan terminal by bus majoring in Jogja-Wonosari Department.

From Simpang lima Wonosari – Kecamatan Semanu – Rumah Kadus Jetis Wetan to entrust the goods and bring the goods to be brought to the Cave.

The journey to the Cave can be reached with a distance of approximately 3 km from the house Kades Jetis on foot. Or, we can rent a car or Bus that much rented in Yogyakarta.

If you want to enjoy the trip while breathing fresh breeze along the way, tourists can also use a motorbike to visit Jomblang Cave from the city of Yogyakarta approximately for 2-2,5 Hours journey.

If you want to visit this area, do not be confused and busy to buy and prepare tools and equipment before facing this vertical and quite steep terrain.

Currently there are many service bureaus that provide and offer a variety of tour packages to Jombang Cave with various options ranging from airport pickup or just provide a wide range of equipment.

There are also parties who provide study tour services, namely as a direction that will accompany the tourists explore the Cave with a safe and comfortable with various rates in accordance with the needs

The choice of tourists ranging from the range price range of Rp. 440.000-Rp.550.000 per person. The tourists have been getting SRT equipment one set, lunch, insurance IAG and guide who will accompany and show the way to the bottom of the Cave.

There are some important notes before you enter Jomblang Cave, including having to use special equipment and accompanied by a reliable companion, mastering single rope technique or Single Rope Technique (SRT).

Before starting to caving, we will be given an explanation in advance about the function of each tool that is in our body.

In addition to boots, helmets, coveralls and headlamps, other tools consist of chest harness, footloopascender / croll, auto descender, seat hovers, short cowstail, jammer, carabiner, and long cowstail.

After all the equipment installed and equipped with various theories about how to use these tools, then the tourists are allowed to go to the lips of the Cave to continue exploring Jomblang Cave.

As already known that Jomblang Cave is one of the special interest tourist destinations and not everyone can visit it.

Although the tariffs issued quite expensive, but the cost is very comparable considering the track to be passed is steep so that requires a guide.

The tourists do not have to worry because all the fatigue and the money we have spent will be paid satisfied when we have reached the bottom of the Cave.

There, we will see how beautiful God created the world, of course when compared with money, the experience of visiting Jomblang Cave can not be redeemed with any money whatsoever.

The beauty in the stomach Cave formed from a lush landscape of lush green forest consists of a variety of plants such as moss, ferns, shrubs, until large trees are growing tightly. All the natural ornaments are in stark contrast to the scenery above the Cave.

In the top position, this Cave presents scenery of karst hills and teak trees that are mingled in as far as the eye can see. Since the collapse of the soil down, the vegetation inside the Jomblang Cave is still alive and breeding to this day and is often referred to as the jungle.

Holiday Tips to Jomblang Cave

Tips Holiday to Jomblang Cave

The best time to visit Jomblang Cave is around 10:00 to 21:00 o’clock, because at that time the sun is above the head so we can find a very beautiful pillar of light created by sunlight that managed to break through the darkness of the cave.

Meanwhile, to be able to enter Jomblang Cave, tourists are only allowed to bring at most 25 people entourage to once enter together. This is because Jomblang Cave is a special interest tourism destination that is developed to maintain stability and ecosystem.

In addition, it is considered to avoid undesirable things such as damaging the ecosystem or littering the area inside the Cave.

Managers limit the number of visitors who can visit together at a time so as not to exceed the capacity of the Jomblang Cave.

This is not only for the good of Jomblang Cave itself, but also to keep the tourists safe in order to stay comfortable while adventurous and do not need to jostle in the steep terrain.

Although not many laymen who are not too interested to explore the Cave. Especially the name Jomblang Cave is also still a little strange in the ears of the tourists, not like the beaches in the area of ​​Gunung Kidul which is now a prima donna.

However, when you get there, the beauty and charm of Goa Jomblang has been bewitching and enthralling the foreign tourists who are willing to come just to explore the beauty of this Cave.

In fact, in 2011, Jomblang Cave was once used for the shooting of one of the overseas Reality Show titled The Amazing Race of America and has captivated millions of pairs of eyes.

Well, foreigners just flocked to come and enjoy the beauty of this Jomblang Cave, why we do not participate also participate visiting.

Do not forget if we go there, take care of the preservation of this Jomblang Cave so that the extraordinary natural wealth is maintained and can still be enjoyed for generations to come.

Alternative tour opening hours Jomblang Cave can be visited starting at 08.00-14.00. If you come from a distant place but do not get the oprasional of Jombang Cave tour place, you can stay first.

You can stay lodging place in Wonosari area which is located not so far from Jombang Cave. While enjoying original Jogja coffee, you can unwind the journey first.

The next morning, tourists can proceed to Jomblang Cave on time and can target the hours where the sun supports the natural beauty inside this Cave.

In addition, tourists can also stay at the home of Jetis Village Head. The village chief never stipulates the price to stay overnight, Mr. Kadesh always receives whatever money is given out of curiosity. Javanese term saikhlase …

And one more thing that should not be forgotten, the tourists must bring a change of clothes, because there you will be a bit dirty and wet.

In addition, later on you will also muddy and blisters into your travel trinkets so that the dressing clothes are necessary to wear after cleaning the body.

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