New Beach in Jogja

Science Tour to New Beach (Pantai Baru) in Yogyakarta, You Want?

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Pantai Baru in Jogja

You want to go on vacation? Lets go to Jogja! Invite family, friends or lover to visit Yogya. Besides Malioboro, Prambanan or even Borobudur in Magelang area, you should also try New Beach in Yogya.

Yogyakarta, in addition to presenting historical and natural attractions, yogya also presents beach tourism. Located near the beach, Yogyakarta has many beaches to visit. Dozens of beaches stretch from east to west of Yogyakarta. Recently the local government has developed the Yogya coastal tourism. One example is the New Beach.

New Beach? What’s new? It may be in your mind if you first hear New Yogya Beach. The name of New Beach is taken from the word “new” which indeed shows its age, when compared with other existing beaches. The New Beach was inaugurated in May 2010, very late when compared to other beaches found around it.

New Beach Location

The name ‘new’ is also taken for ease of pronunciation and introduction of these attractions. Located in Hamlet Ngentak, Poncosari, Srandakan, Bantul, Yogyakarta. The beach is located approximately 30 Km from downtown Yogyakarta, which can be reached within ± one hour drive.

The New Beach is one line with the famous Pandansari Beach with the lighthouse, Goa Cemara Beach, Kuwaru Beach, and Pandansimo Beach. When you first set foot on this beach, you will be greeted Statue of whale shark (whale shark) and the tiger who became the icon of the entrance gate New Beach.

The Charm of the New Beach Beauty

New Beach in Jogja this is not so popular when compared with Parangtritis Beach or Krakal Beach. But the charm of its beauty is not inferior to others even worthy of discussion by us all.

The length of the New Coast is approximately 4000 m long. So if you want to mess with it without feeling tired, you can rent an ATV (all terrain vehicle) vehicle. ATV is a special four-wheeled vehicle hit the difficult terrain. ATV rental places are scattered throughout the New Coast.

Today, New Beach has become a new destination for people in their leisure or leisure time. This beach is a great place for family holidays over the weekend. Although considered a new tourist attraction, this beach is equipped with complete facilities.

The New Beach location is very convenient, the air is fresh and unpolluted. New Beach is also supported by culinary stalls that are ready to meet the tastes of visitors, especially for you who really like seafood food at an affordable price so you do not have to worry when feeling hungry.

Shaking under a pine shrimp tree may be an option when you visit this New Beach so you do not feel the afternoon sun is so hot. The air around the beach actually feels cool as it is in the forest. In fact you can also eat seafood culinary by rolling out mats under the pine trees.

The shrimp cypress tree was deliberately planted in 1999, its usefulness is actually to prevent abrasion around the New Coast. Seeds of shrimp cypress trees are derived from the assistance of Pertahuni.

In addition, in locations around the New Coast are found by soap balloon sellers, pong-pongan alias umang, and many who sell toys for children. Therefore, playing with the kids on this beach is very suitable and exciting.

Usually if you go to the beach vacation, we are always worried if the skin will be a change in our skin. If you are afraid of darkened skin from the sun, flying a bird-shaped kite may be an alternative choice and a fun activity with your family. Before playing a kite it’s good you use sun cream to protect your skin.

You need to know that in this New Beach you are prohibited from swimming or bathing on the beach. The waves on these black sand beaches tend to be very large. The beach is directly facing the Indian Ocean, so it is only natural if the waves in New Beach is very large.

Windmills, Enchantment The Uniqueness of the New Beach

In addition to relying on the beauty of nature’s potential is very promising beaches are shady, spacious, sloping, clean and comfortable. The New Beach has its unique charm. One of the uniqueness of this beach is the existence of Hybrid Power Plants (PLTH) near the entrance.

This PLTH is commonly called Solar Power (Solarcell). Hybrid Power Plant (PLTH) this can be said as the only one in Yogyakarta alias is not found on other beaches.

The existence of PLTH is what makes this beach called educational tour or science tourism. Moreover in New Beach there are 38 windmills are very beautiful and ready to add beautiful scenery. It also adds uniqueness and beauty to the New Beach of Yogyakarta.

In the New Beach area there is also petilasan family Kraton Ngayojokarto Hadiningrat. A beauty that contains elements of history Yogyakarta. Not only that, the unique in this beach, every year this beautiful location is used for National Rocket Competition event.

Route to New Beach

By private vehicle: If you depart from Yogya city center, take route to Bantul Road to the south. From Bantul you have to go towards Srandakan. Then locate the roundabout Srandakan or before the bridge that connects between Bantul and Kulon Progo Regency. From there, take the left and then straight south.

Once you arrive at the T-junction, you will see a signpost showing the direction to Kuwaru beach (turn left) and New Beach at the right turn. Choose the right direction to arrive at the New Pantai Yogyakarta location.

Study Tour Pantai Baru Yogyakarta

If you want to spend time with family or friends, you should visit this beautiful beach, because New Beach is focused for family and friends.

Usually when going to travel, you are always confused with all the needs during the trip, be it a vehicle, food, fear stray or so forth. Well, if you are confused and want to be practical when traveling to this beautiful waterfall, you should hire a guide service that provides tour study packages.

If you do intend to use the service guide, you can directly contact us. Of course we provide complete facilities such as transportation, lodging, food and guide that will accompany and tell your trip. We are ready to serve and provide the best for you.

So the reviews about the New Beach located in Hamlet Ngentak, Poncosari, Srandakan, Bantul, Yogyakarta. Come on, invite friends, family, or anyone to accompany you on holiday at this gorgeous beach !!! 

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