See the 8 Latest Romantic Tourism in Jogja

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Tugu Jogja

Who does not miss Jogja? Every corner of the tour in Jogja is romantic, slow but sure to make the visitors must think how can come for the second time.

Try you count, how long have you left Jogja. Can you imagine any place you’ve ever visited. Surely you are not forgotten is not it?

Alone or together it does not matter. Separate or in a crowded place, the tranquility of Jogja remains undeniable. Always Jogja makes the heart into a new atmosphere, memorable and do not want to go home.

Especially when the good times with your partner. May be you need to find more unique and beautiful places to build your ark.

Tours in Jogja Latest

Well, chatting about tourism in Jogja, of course you have memorized not the famous places of tourism in Jogja. Such as Prambanan Temple, Parangttritis Beach, Gembira Loka Zoo, Malioboro, Museum of General Attack 1 March and so forth.

Perhaps many places have been reviewed, or maybe you yourself have memorized well from the history, the facilities provided up to what the recommended tour is superior, we think you better understand.

On this unique opportunity again happy, we want to present tours in Jogja is fairly new but not less unique. Yups, these attractions may be able to “sedate” you back to commemorate the beauty in the City of Students.

May be, after you read this article, we guarantee, you definitely want to hurry to come to Jogja again. No need to linger again, what are the tours in jogja recently? Check out the following reviews:

1. Kalibiru Tourism Village

The first tour in Jogja is Kalibiru Wisat Village. You could say, tourism in West Jogja precisely in Kulonprogo is on the rise. From year to year visitors are increasing.

Curious sure what makes Kalibiru interesting. Kalibiru Tourism Village is famous for its natural landscape from the peak height in the mountains. There, you can see the view of the Sermo Reservoir as well as playing the flying fox.

So, because the tourist village in Jogja is indeed rely on the beauty of nature, do not miss your camera. When else can selfie while enjoying the beautiful nature of Jogja?

2. Peak of the Voices

Your next destination can go to Gunung Kidul. The area is quite synonymous with this beach so much to save the natural wealth both in terms of benefits or beauty.

Peak vocabulary, only with Rp.2000, – course you can enjoy the natural routines that you rarely encounter in your home. Views of the hills, sunrise, sunset to the vast expanse of the beach you can enjoy from the Peaks of Kosakora.

The route you can go to, you can pay attention to the short route as follows: From the direction of jogja – piyungan – patuk – sambipitu – Lanud Gading – Siyono – Bundaran Tugu BPD straight to East – go to Wonosari – Jl Baaron – Tanjungsari – Gunung Kidul – follow the path to drini beach – arrived to Kosakora.

3. Fruit Garden Mangunan

What do you imagine about this one tourist destination in Jogja? Lots of fruits? Vegetables? Or vast gardens?

Quite right, this one tour is not interesting. Not inferior to the previous tours, this tourist spot is also located at the top of one area of ​​Jogja precisely in Mangunan, District Dlingo, Bantul regency.

When you go there, you can invite your whole family. In fact, you can also invite your entourage either from colleagues or so for a vacation. There, you can enjoy the beauty of Kali Oya and stay in the homestay that has been provided.

Not only that you know, there, you can also enjoy the pool as well as warm foods for your family. Yups, release the exhaustion around your garden with office-style facilities in the hills.

Suggestions if you want to Fruit Farm Mangunan, it’s good you check your vehicle because to get to the Garden of Fruit Mangunan, the vehicle must really fit because the road through a hill-climb.

4. Garden of breccias

When you go to Prambanan, do not forget to stop at this one tourist spot. The location is not too far from Prambanan Temple, precisely still one area in the Nglengkong Hamlet, Groyokan Sambirejo.

As the name suggests, this tourist place is shaped cliff. There, you can take pictures with the background of puppet world background. There, you also enjoy the charming rocks to enjoy the beauty of Ijo Temple and Ratu Boko Temple with the background of Mount Merapi.

In fact, when the weather is very bright, the background of the scenery can resemble two mountains because in addition to Mount Merapi, adapula Mount Merbabu.

Before going there, try to bring your hat or jacket just in case if you are too hot. There you will be amazed because rarely trees, the background is flat and wide.

To be able to enjoy all that, you per person only charged entrance fee of Rp. 5000, -. With the cheap admission price, you can enjoy the amazing nature painting, rock sculptures that resemble wayang, to the charms of shiny natural rocks.

The route to get to our breccia cliff garden short start from Jogja City, you can immediately take the direction to Jalan Jogja solo. Furthermore, after arriving at Prambanan Market, you can continue the journey towards Prambanan Piyungan street.

Follow the direction of Ijo Temple then at the T-junction before SD N Sambirejo. When you reach the area of ​​Sambirejo, you will soon find Breksi Cliff Park.

5. Rare Rice Garden Sedayu

Back to Bantul. Tour of this time tour is not just a tour, but also charged with education. The name of this tour in Jogja is Bayu Langka Sedayu.

The price of admission to this garden per person charged Rp.10.000, – with active hours starting at 10:00 to 16:00 pm.

If you want to visit there, you can recommend it to the circles that you know. Because, there is very suitable for children after the age of students and students.

More to the fans of rare fruit plants, here there are more than 300 rare collection of plants such as Brazilian Wine, Tin Fruit, Blackberry, Amazon Beans and many other rare fruit plants.

If you visit this tour, let’s say the plants that are spread out there are yours. When the fruit season comes, you can pick it you know, for free! Just do not take home hehe …

The good news again, you can also ask the manager of the garden to teach how to grow good farming. Plus take a leash at Joglo wooden central garden.

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