Plaosan Temple “Lor” and “Kidul”

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Plaosan Temple Small Temple Nicknamed Temple of Love

Plaosan Temple or commonly referred to as Twin Temple, has two separate main buildings. The two buildings are then given the nickname Plaosan Lor Temple and Plaosan Kidul Temple.

In addition to the two buildings Plaosan Lor Temple and Plaosan Kidul Temple. There are also several Perwara temples or companion temples that stand around it. Just like Prambanan Temple, Plaosan Temple was also founded by King Pikatan.

The location of Plaosan Temple is also not observed far from the location of Prambanan Temple. About one kilometer north of Prambanan Temple, you will find the temple built by the King of Picks for this Consort.

More precisely, Plaosan Temple stands in the village of Plaosan, Prambanan, Klaten, Central Java. Although located in a different city with Prambanan Temple, but the distance between the two is not far away.

Plaosan Temple was built by King Pikatan in the era of the Medhang or Ancient Mataram empire for its Permaisurinya, Pramudyawardani. If you visit Plaosan Temple, you may be a witness of love story between King Pikatan and Pramudyawardani.

In addition to the shape of the building, may be the reason behind the construction that distinguishes Plaosan Temple with Prambanan Temple. If Plaosan Temple is built because of the love of King Pikatan on Pramudyawardani.

Then according to legend, the statue at Prambanan Temple was built on the basis of the anger of Bandung Bondowoso to Roro Jonggrang. As told, Roro Jonggrang rigged Bandung Bondowoso in rejecting the application of Bandung Bondwoso.

There is also a myth that says if you visit Plaosan Temple with your spouse, then your love will be immortal. Like the love story between King Pikatan and Empress, Pramudyawardani.

Turning around with myths when visiting Prambanan Temple, it is said if you visit Prambanan Temple with your partner. Then your love story will end like love Roro Jonggrang and Bandung Bondowoso.

Wow, interesting enough myths about Plaosan and Prambanan Temple. Then what will happen if after visiting the Prambanan Temple with your partner continue the trip to Plaosan Temple. Hmm worth a try as it seems.

Plaosan temple is also referred to as Candi Cinta because every ornament is made in pairs. Like the gate in pairs, there are also two temple buildings and the location of the temple is divided into two, North and South.

Plaosan Lor Temple

History of Plaosan Temple

Plaosan Lor temple has two main temple buildings, called North and North Temple. Both the North Master Temple and the South Mother Temple have different reliefs.

The Northern Master Temple is on the left, dominated by female-themed reliefs. While the reliefs in the Southern Mother Temple more in the dominance of relief about men.

At the Northern Master Temple and the Southern Mother Temple is surrounded by 116 Perwara Stupas, as well as 50 Perwara Temples and an artificial moat. Inside the building there are also six statues of Dhyani Boddhisatwa.

Although from the architecture of the building to the existence of Buddhist stupas and statues, as well as the existence of companion temples. Show that Plaosan Temple is a temple for Buddhists.

Apparently, the architectural style of Plaosan Temple does not fully describe Buddhism. But the art of architecture Plaosan Temple is a blend of Buddhism with Hinduism.

The reason why Plaosan Temple is a Hindu and Buddhist is because King Pikatan comes from the Mataram Kingdom of Syailendra Kingdom. While Permaisuri Pramudyawardani of Mataram Kingdom of Sanjaya Kingdom.

In the time of the kingdom mataram there are two leadership dynasties, namely Syailendra and Sanjaya dynasty. The difference between the two dynasties is the religion in which we profess.

The House of Sanjaya embraced Hinduism, while the Syailendra family embraced Buddhism. Despite his different beliefs, but in fact, Sanjaya is still a descendant of Syailendra.

The background then adds to the public’s belief in the power of love between King Pikatan and Permaisuri Pramudyawardan. As if there were no obstacles that could raise their love.

One more thing you need to see if you visit Plaosan Lor temple complex. In the northern part of the complex there is an open lobby section that holds several Buddha statues.

Plaosan Kidul Temple

Plaosan Temple in Magelang

Plaosan Selatan Temple is more commonly referred to as Plaosan Kidul Temple. Like the southern square of Yogyakarta, the so-called alul-alun kidul (alkid). Kidul is a reference to the direction in the Java language.

Plaosan Kidul temple has several statues and stupas, some of the existing perwara have been restored. Plaosan Kidul temple also has a pendopo which is around eight temples divided into two levels.

Visiting Plaosan Kidul Temple, maybe you will meet three figures that are considered ‘Mother of all Budda’. The three figures are, Tathagata Amitbha, Vajrapani, and Prajnaparamita.

If you visit Plaosan Temple then do not find relef, statue, temple building structure as described. Perhaps the manager changed the location of statues and statues for some reason.

In October 2003, Plaosan Kidul Temple became a conversation. Because of the discovery of gold-sized inscription measuring 18.5 cm x 2.2 cm, near Perwara Temple.

The inscription is written in ancient Javanese letters and uses Sanskrit. Until now, the contents of the inscription has not been known, but is believed to date from the 9th century according to the century of the founding of the temple.

In particular, Plaosan Kidul Temple was discovered in August 1909 by a scientist named Ijzerman. Initially, Ijzerman found 16 children of the temple in damaged condition.

According to Korm, a Dutch scientist, Plaosan Temple has its own characteristics. The feature lies in the smooth part of the terrace wall. According to Korm, this is different from other temple buildings that seem rude.

Tour in Plaosan Temple Area

There are many advantages if you do Study Tour to Plaosan Temple. One of them is the area which is not far from Prambanan Temple. So you can do perajalanan from Prambanan Temple to Plaosan Temple.

You can also increase knowledge by studying the blend of Hindu culture with Buddhism that is the name of the architecture and the relic of the statue in Plaosan Temple.

Utilizing the services of tour guides to conduct a Study Tour, you can also use it to arrange a schedule to follow the Twin Temple Festival in the area around Plaosan Temple.

Twin Temple Festival is held in Plaosan Temple area as Annual Festival. Working together with ISI Surakarta Festival of Twin Temple presents dances from all over the archipelago.

It is the largest Festival held in the Klaten area. Klaten district government aims to build and introduce the tourist village of Klaten through the Twin Temple Festival at Plaosan Temple.

Immediately call the tour guide number to arrange your holiday schedule with friends, spouse and family to visit Plaosan Temple. Enjoy the true love sensation of King Pikatan and Pramudyawardani only in Plaosan Temple.


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