Indrayanti Beach, Pulang Syawal Beach

10 Enchantment Indrayanti Beach/Pulang Syawal Beach

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Indrayanti Beach

Indrayanti Beach – Jogja indeed makes a longing in every corner. No exception in one corner of Jogja named Gunung Kidul district.

If you’ve been to Gunung Kidul, perhaps a pretty famous tourist spot is a beach resort.

In Gunung Kidul itself, there are at least 6 beaches that you can visit, including the beach Baron, Kukup, Ndrini, Krakal, Sundak and beach Pulang Syawal commonly known as Indrayanti Beach.

Well, in this happy opportunity, I will share my travel tour on Indrayanti beach. May be useful.

The Origin of Indrayanti Beach

If you ponder for a moment, maybe you would think that the name of the beach we will discuss this time is similar to someone’s name.

It is true, the name of this one beach is different and unique impression. Actually, the beach in the district with typical Campursariinya is called beach Pulang Syawal.

The question is, why is the beach now better known as Indrayanti beach?

At that time, of course, the physical form of Indrayanti beach already exist, but not yet managed well. There are still empty visitors, and there is only 1 cafe that survives. Cafe is named cafe Indrayanti.

Because this cafe is the only cafe, not infrequently the visitors either domestic or foreign tourists come for a vacation to the beach Indrayanti stop by first to the café Indrayanti.

Gradually, the visitors also spontaneously often use the name Indrayanti as a beach name icon. As a result, from time to time, people who want to come also called this beach with Indrayanti beach.

From time to time, information is spread that in Gunung Kidul there is a new beach named Indrayanti. Many people are curious and in droves to visit Indrayanti beach.

Now, the beach that was originally named Pulang Syawal was more famous with the term Indrayanti beach.

As for the associated beach name Pulang Syawal, until now rarely anyone knows. In fact, including dear readers, maybe you also just found out when reading this paper right?

Indrayanti is actually the wife of Indrayanti cafe owner. Some people also say that the name Indrayanti comes from the names of two children, namely Indra and Yanti.

Interesting is not Indayanti history? Perhaps you will also remember the history of Lovina beach in Bali. Similarly, the name of the beach in Bali is also started from a café on the beach.

Location Indrayanti Beach

Ever been to Parangtritis beach? If ever, the location of Indrayanti beach passes Parangtritis beach. You stay east through the mountainous area of ​​Gunung Kidul. When sorted, the location of Indrayanti beach is not far from Baron beach.

In addition, Indrayanti Beach location is also adjacent to the beach Sundak, Tepus Gunung KIdul district.

As an illustration, if you travel from Yogyakarta, the distance from Yogyakarta to Indrayanti beach is approximately 70 km. That means, to get to Indrayanti beach, you need 3 hours normal journey from the city of Yogyakarta.

Facilities at Indrayanti Beach

During Indrayanti coastal management, the government cooperated with private parties. As a result, this slick cooperation can have a positive impact on coastal development as a professional tourist attraction.

One of the rules that should be appreciated is the fine of Rp 10,000, – for anyone who is proven to throw garbage carelessly. You can see for yourself to this day, Maha Karya Indrayanti beach cleanliness very awake and neatly arranged.

In addition, there are some other facilities that are adequate, as well as gazeo mounted on the beach. This gazebo is like a hut that is lined up along the coast of Indrayanti.

For those of you who want to vacation and invite family members, you can also use the gazebo to enjoy the breeze of wind and natural beauty of Indrayanti beach.

Not only that, on Indrayanti beach, there is Jet Ski game, for you who like this sport, you can rent it and enjoy the clear blue beach waves.

Excess of Indrayanti beach, this beach has clean sand and white. Suitable to play build castles from sand, or play ball. Yes, because the white sand at Indrayanti beach itself along the 250 meters.

If you have a different interest, you can walk to the West along Indrayanti beach. There, you will find a rocky mountain that is big enough and charming.

Visitors can climb to the rocky mountain through the natural steps that have been provided. Most of the visitors, they did not miss the photo on the rock with a panoramic view of the beach behind it.

Furthermore, you can easily find other facilities such as lodging, bathrooms, beachside gazebos, praying rooms, stage huts and large parking lots.

With complete facilities as above, do not worry for those who want to stay at Indrayanti beach. There are all complete, you can spend your vacation period with satisfaction and fun with family.

Holiday Tips to Indrayanti Beach

Indrayanti Beach in Indonesia

Vacation does not hurt, but it would be less precise if not prepared as possible. Some tips for those of you who want to vacation to Indrayanti Beach I give the following:

1. Prepare a Good Vehicle

Vacation requires a vehicle. Especially when you are on vacation to the beach Indrayanti, in addition to a winding road, will also pass the streets of the mountains. So, make sure your vehicle is safe and comfortable.

2. Prepare Medicines

It could be if you are not feeling well, you will feel dizzy in the streets. Therefore, my advice, try to bring eucalyptus oil, antimo, or personal medicines as necessary.

3. Guide

If you are from overseas, or outside Java, you should ask for help guide to guide your tour. If you want it soon, we are ready to accompany your trip.

Tour Indrayanti

Sometimes, vacation can also be used as a learning event. At Indrayanti beach, we can know everything about Gunung Kidul district and Indrayanti beach in particular.

Our Tour Yogyakarta provides complete facilities for your visitors who are outside Java. With excellent service, we are ready to take you on holiday to Indrayanti beach.

As for what we prepare include travel transportation, guide, study tour tours and study tours in the places you want.

Thus our exposure of a holiday trip to Indrayanti beach. As I pointed out at the beginning, Indrayanti beach has a natural beauty that fascinates.

Therefore, let as citizens of Indonesia we are grateful to keep and obey the order that has been made for the progress of Indrayanti beach.

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