Ratu Boko Temple

Ratu Boko Temple: The Magnificent Temple on The Hill

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Ratu Boko Temple
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Yogyakarta or also known as gudeg city and student city. Saving his own wisdom in the field of tourism. Besides having a beautiful beach line in Gunung Kidul and Kulonprogo districts.

There are also temple buildings that are not pretentious but exotic. Like for example Ratu Boko Temple, the building area is only a fraction of Borobudur temple, but its beauty is not less beautiful with other temple buildings.

The temple located in Sleman district is crowded at young people visit at sunset will set. Not because of what, but the presentation presented is amazing.

No wonder if then, many young children are busy to capture their moment at dusk in the area of ​​Ratu Boko temple. Those beautiful moments that they go to social media.

Currently many tourist attractions are suddenly famous or in interest by many people because of portraits spread across social media. The public will easily carry the euphoria to capture their moment in the place.

Discovery of Ratu Boko Temple Building

Ratu Boko Temple in Indonesia
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The building of Ratu Boko Temple, first discovered in 1970 by a foreign historian Van Boeckholtz. Ratu Boko temple is located on a hill at a height of 17 meters above sea level.

A century later then in doing research led by FDK Bosch which is written in the report of the Palace of Van Ratoe Boko. From here it is concluded that the ruins of Boko Temple is the former palace building.

An inscription known as the Abyagiri Wihara Inscription is one of the written proofs of the existence of Ratu Boko temple. In addition, this inscription also tells of a figure and a monastery.

Ratu Boko temple has a form of building as a public space or place of activity and live community. Unfortunately, there is no data that can explain the permanent function of Ratu Boko temple.

Judging from the rest of the building pattern found, in the guess bangnan Cand Rat Boko is a former palace building. This opinion is based on the belief of building this temple does not show the pattern of religious buildings.

The building of Ratu Bok Temple shows the existence of a fortress and a moat that wakes up around the main building. Also the existence of some residential buildings residents in the vicinity.

The name Queen Boko is derived from the Java language that has the meaning of the King of Stork. Ratuu Boko itself is a growing legend in the community. Ratu boko is the father of Roro Jonggrang, the legend of Prambanan Temple.

Privileges of Ratu Boko Temple Site

Ratu Boko Temple Location
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Ratu Boko temple has a distinction that distinguishes it from other temples. Berkut are some of the privileges of Ratu Boko Temple:

• The Royal Palace

As the building beas Keraton, Ratu Boko temple has a building pendopo in the form of pendopo, profan complex, entrance gate, bathing pool, shelter and protective fence around the building.

Why this becomes special, because the building of the temple in general is a religious building with appearances are almost the same. While the temple of Queen Boko presents a new reality about the life of antiquity.

The building material of the palace which is displayed by Ratu Boko temple is different from other Keraton building. The reason is the Palace of Ratu Boko temple is built in the hilly area.

• Good Water Arrangement

The position of Ratu Boko temple on the hill hinted about the existence of the source of the spring. Swimming Baths in the temple area also shows good water management.

It turns out the existence of Ratu Boko temple on the hill is very profitable. In addition to the presence of abundant springs and beautiful views, it is also difficult to reach the enemy.

• Cremation Place

To the left of the gate, there is a place where the position and size shows a routine activity held. The nickname ‘place of creation’ shows the existence of routine cremation activities conducted.

So far there is no authentic evidence of routine cremation activities being held. If you are an arekelog, maybe you can research more about this cremation.

Admission Price of Ratu Boko Temple

Unlike the price of admission in other temples are relatively cheap ranging from Rp 5000 – Rp 10000. Ratu Boko temple has an admission price that tends to be inclusive alias expensive for students.

The cause of the high price of tickets can be influenced by many things. One of them is one of the most beautiful views in Yogyakarta, also due to its location in the hilly area.

The price of admission to Ratu Boko Temple is divided into two packages. The difference in ticket prices is influenced by the ticket purchase hours. Price range between package one with package two is not small.

One or regular packages fix the price of Rp 25,000 for ticket purchases in the opening hours until three o’clock in the afternoon. As for the price of admission on the next side occupies a nominal of Rp 100000.

As said before, the price of tickets is expensive in the afternoon because the tourist area of ​​Ratu Boko Temple becomes one of the best dusk places in Yogyakarta.

If you are interested to see the sunset but do not want to spend too deep. You can come at two or three in the afternoon, you can enter with a regular ticket and wait for dusk inside the temple area.

Tour Guide Services

Ratu Boko Temple in Jogja
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The location of Ratu Boko temple in the hills makes tourists confused or even lost. Not to mention the high ticket prices can surprise visitors who do not bring the preparation.

Avoiding unwanted things such as getting lost, running out of tickets or getting too expensive ticket prices. It is better you hire the services of a tour guide.

Of course there will be a lot of benefits from using the services of a tour guide. First, you can plan tours from far-away days. So no longer suddenly comes and has no preparation.

Secondly, if you are on holiday with a group, the presence of a tour guide will definitely be very helpful. Starting from booking tickets until the possibility of a discount. Then conditioning participants and choice of sights.

The tour guide will choose a suitable tour package for you. In accordance with the needs and funds available. Third, the guide is able to give explanation about each of the sights.

Especially if you are visiting historical sites such as temples and museums. Explanations and guides from the tour guide will greatly benefit you. So, do not hesitate to use the services of a tour guide.

Do not forget to also use the services of a tour guide from a trusted company. In order for your journey does not turn into a nightmare by being guided by unprofessional people and misinformation.

Thus is a little exposure on one of the sites in the direction of Yogyakarta Province, Ratu Boko Temple. If you visit there do not forget to keep clean and keep the nation’s cultural heritage.

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