Jawi Temple

The Secret Legend of Jawi Temple vs Putri Jawi

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Jawi Temple
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Jawi Temple is a temple relics of the Kingdom of Singasari which is estimated to be built in the 13th century. Location Jawi Temple is located on the slopes of Mount Welirang, precisely in the Village Temple Wates, District Prigen, Pasuruan, East Java.

Many think of Jawi Temple as a place of offerings and worship. In fact the complex Jawi temple is a storage of ashes from the last king of Singasari Kingdom, King Kertanegara.

Not all the ashes of Kertanegara King are kept in Jawi Temple, some of the ashes are kept in Singasari temple. Both Jawi temple and Singasari temple have a connection with Jago temple, as a place of worship of King Kertanegara.

Jawi Temple was built on the orders of the King of Kertanegara to make a place of worship for Buddhists of Shiva Buddhism. King Kertanegara even has a special reason about the choice of place where the Temple Jawi.

It is said that in the area in the wake of Jawi Temple at that time, is an area where many people who support and loyal to the King Kertanegara. In the region are also many people who embraced Buddhism-Shiva.

Although King Kertanegara is known as a great king, he has many enemies under his leadership. For example, it is said in the Song of Panji Wijayakrama about the rebellion of Kelana Bayangkara.

In the Negarakertagama also mentioned about the rebellion Cayaraja. Jawi Temple is allegedly used as a defense base by King Kertanegara supporters of the enemies and rebels.

The allegations arise from the story of Dyah Wijaya, known as the son-in-law of King Kertanegara, hiding in the area of ​​Jawi Temple during a coup d’etat by Jayakatwang at Bracelets (Kediri).

Jawi Temple Building

Jawi Temple in Java East
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Land where the establishment of Jawi Temple has a size of 40 x 60 square meters. Around it there is a 2 meter-high brick fence, and also the ditches that are currently used as a maintenance ground for the Lotus flower.

The shape of the Jawi-legged buildings Shiva-legged and Buddha’s shoulders, with sleek and tall buildings like Prambanan Temple. The height of Jawi Temple building reaches 24.5 meters with a length of 14.2 meters and 9.5 meters wide.

The position of Jawi Temple door facing East, get two different interpretations by the characters. Some figures assume the laying of the door gives the sign Jawi Temple is not a means of worship.

Because usually, the temple used as a place of worship is placed facing toward the mountain, a place that is believed as a place of dwelling the gods. While the door to Jawi temple just back to the mountain.

While some other figures, think that the Temple Jawi remains a place of worship. The problem of laying doors facing east is the influence of Buddhist teachings.

Archeology of Jawi Temple

How to Get to Jawi Temple
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Archeology is a branch of science that discusses the life or ancient culture. There is one unique thing from Candi Jawi which is still being studied.

It is a relief found on the walls of Jawi Temple building. Until now, the characters still can not interpret from each relief in the Temple Jawi.

Even Negarakertagama clearly tells about the Jawi Temple, not the slightest mention of the reliefs of Jawi Temple. Relief at Jawi Temple also felt made too thin, so it is very difficult to interpret.

One of the fragments in Jawi Temple precisely describes the existence of Jawi Temple and the objects around it. For example, some Candi Perwara around Jawi Temple.

Besides Perwara Temple, the fragment of Jawi Temple also shows the existence of Bentar Temple as the gate of the temple. Unfortunately, the existing building on the fragment only left the rest alone, which actually looks like a pile of stones.

Another relief contained in Jawi Temple is located inside the temple building. Right on the inner side of the tallest building there is the relief of Dewa Surya which is very clear.

Another unique thing from Jawi Temple is the stone used to build the temple. At the bottom using a black stone, while the top uses a white stone.

The use of two different stone colors in the building of Jawi Temple, raises the notion that Jawi Temple was built in two periods. Unfortunately until now there is no source that can ensure these allegations.

Jawi vs. Legend of Putri Jawi

Jawi Temple Entrance Fee
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There is a myth that is scattered in the community around the Jawi Temple, the youth of Suwayuwo Village should not marry a girl from Jawi Village. If that happens then bad luck will come.

The myth is derived from the legend of the love story between a beautiful princess named Putri Jawi, with a bodyguard named Kebo Suwayuwo. Unfortunately, the love story is clapping one hand.

Once upon a time, the beautiful Princess Jawi was ordered by her father to go to Pasuruan, to meet her husband’s future husband. Princess Jawi undertakes his father’s request.

The departure of Princess Jawi was escorted by Kebo Suwayono and his guards. Initially all went well, Kebo Suwayono always escort Princess Jawi wherever and wherever.

Perhaps, a Javanese proverb that says ‘witing tresna jalaran saka kulino’ also applies in the love story Kebo Suwayono with Princess Jawi. Over time, Kebo Suwayono fell in love with Princess Jawi.

The love of Kebo Suwayono brought her to the shadow of her togetherness with Princess Jawi. Finally, upon his arrival in Pasuruan, Kebo Suwayono expressed his feelings to Princess Jawi.

Feelings to fulfill his promise to his father, Princess Jawi also rejected the feeling Kebo Suwayono and just escape from Kebo Suwayono. Not despairing, Kebo Suwayono followed wherever Princess Jawi left.

On the journey of chasing each other, Putri Jawi had asked for help to some people to stop Kebo Suyawono chasing him. One of them is Majapahit troop.

The fight between Majapahit troops and Kebo Sukowono troops is inevitable. Many of his victims and blood scattered made the battle site called kaligeti (river of blood).

The end of the battle, Kebo Suwayono competed against Ki Ageng Pandak. Unfortunately, the battle also ended tragically with the death of Ki Ageng PAndak due to puncture Kebo Suyowono.

Before he died, Ki Ageng PAndak advised that Kebo Suyowono is impossible to defeat but maybe to be deceived. Ki Ageng PAndak recommends Putri Jawi to accept Kebo Suyowono application.

In accordance with the suggestion of Ki Ageng PAndak, Putri Jawi finally received Kebo Suyowono application with one condition, Kebo Suyowono must find the clear water for Putri Jawi.

Kebo swiftly digging wells to meet the request of Princess Jawi. When Kebo was cool digging, he was pushed into the well and in the grave by troops from Majapahit.

Study Tour to Jawi Temple

Well, enjoy the legend of Princess Jawi and Kebo Suyowono, you’ll want to use the services of a tour guide to get the story in full version. Can also show the places in the story.

Outside of what has been mentioned above, there are still some places that witness the love story of one hand between Kebo Suyowono and Putri Jawi.

By using the services of a tour guide, you can get the full version of the story and be shown where the case occurred. Because, between one place to another is not too far away.

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