Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

For the convenience of both parties between academic Indonesia and customers, we have developed a privacy policy. In this page we will describe how to use data or information either that we get from visitors or data or information we have.

Make Sure You Really Read This Page and Understand It Overall

How we use the data and information of the visitors

You need to know, this site is designed automatically to be able to collect data from every visitor who signed up, subscribe, or the visitors who just temporary stop to read.

The Data then We Messaging for the Following Purpose:

  1. Sending E-mail to all visitors who register as a subscription of our site.
  2. Identify as well as verify to every visitor who register themselves as one part of the submit content program.
  3. Validate all data in every survey we do.
  4. Provide updates about the terms of service available on our site.

Do We Use Cookies?

Yes, we really need this to identify to every visitor who comes. Where they come from (Country / City / IP Addres, Operating Sytem, ​​Browser and Gender).

The data will be used to continue to improve the quality and features of our existing services, or add features and services that are deemed necessary.

But it all depends on you, if you do not allow it, you can disable cookies through the settings that are in the web browser you use. However, by disabling these cookies, you may not be able to use some of the features and services we provide, or may not work properly.

We Also Use Third Party Services

The third party we mean is Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and so forth. So, third parties will also get information about you, which they will use in accordance with their policies.