Kembang Arum Tourist Village

Kembang Arum; The Paradise of Outbound Lovers

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Kembang Arum Village

The longing for the beautiful, calm and relaxed countryside atmosphere often attacks the citizens of the city. Especially for those who are very busy with everyday. Streets that are jammed and polluted often create dizziness and boredom. This is very influential on the immune system and your stress level will increase.

The solution we will offer you on this issue is to go on vacation. There is nothing wrong if you occasionally pamper your body and mind. Instead, you choose a place that is beautiful and comfortable, away from the atmosphere of fatigue of the city.

The existence of Tourism Village Arum Flower may be an alternative tour for those who want to release the fatigue of the city. Especially because of its location that can be reached easily and its distance from the city only takes about ± 45menit from the city of Yogyakarta.

Tourism Village commonly abbreviated as ‘twin goddess’ is located in Turi area, Sleman, Yogyakarta. The sight of this neat and tidy Arum Volunteer Tourism Village will keep you excited after working all day.

The Origin of Arum Flower Village

Kembang Arum Tourist Village

Tourism Village Arum Flower is now one of the tourist villages in Sleman Yogya which has the highest number of tourist visits in Yogyakarta. whereas the village was formerly a poor village. However, thanks to the resilience of citizens who assisted by the government, now Arum Flower Village transformed into a tourist destination that can Yogya in the proposed.

Beginning of the idea of ​​making this tourist village originated from the idea of ​​Mr. Hery Kustriyatmo, the originator of the idea Tourism Village Kembang Arum. When the wife of Mr. Hery wanted to find a house, from the search is passed by a walk to a house in Arum Flower.

True, whose name mate does not run where the house that once belonged to one of the villagers was made him become Sanggar Lukis Prastita. Starting from this studio Pak Hery captured the potential of Kembang Arum Village and developed his idea to make it a tourist village.

From the hands of creativity and high willingness of Mr. Hery as an initiator is able to invite local residents to develop the potential owned by the village. Gradually Mr. Hery brought his idea to develop Arum Flower Village into a tourist village.

Mr. Hery is slowly approaching the Kembang Arum Village community (a collection of elders, fathers, ladies of PKK, and Karangtuna). Warm welcome and positive appreciation of the residents to make a kind of ammunition Pak Hery with his friends to continue to develop the village of Kembanga Arum become a tourist village today.

By utilizing 22 hectares of land consisting of citizen land, village treasury and Pratista Studio, Mr. Hery Kustriyatmo as a manager able to move the local economy by responding to the natural potency is beautifully arranged so that this village has been handled around 65,000 people both wisnu and foreign tourists.

Enchantment of Educational & Natural Tourism Village Kembang Arum

Kembang Arum

When you visit this tourist village, you will be greeted at the gate of the village with the words ‘You come happy, come back added smart’. That is the motto of the Tourism Village Kembang Arum.

In addition, you will also be greeted with a well-organized salak plantation and who are on the edge of the village road. The beauty does not end in this salak plantation, green rice fields stretched wide, even the river with clear water and fresh air welcomes you

Tourism Village Kembang Arum is a tourist village that was inaugurated in mid-2005 ago. This beautiful tourist village offers education and nature as a tourist destination for you who want to visit. Programs designed and built by this tourist village especially prioritize education for children.

Education is offered for these children for example, with a painting studio located close to the river and the park so as to add a cool atmosphere in the Tourism Village Arum Flower. The flagship program at Desa Wisata Kembang Arum is a painting course. Yes, in this village there is a painting studio, graduates often win international level.

In addition to educational tours on offer, Tourism Village Arum Flower also offers a means of traditional games such as enggrang, crank, dakon, gobak sodor ddan other games that can be played at that location. Surely this is in great demand by children. Children are also important to be taught to preserve this traditional game.

Uniquely, the river in the village is also used as a means of play. The river is not a dirty and unkempt river, but the river is clean and well guarded by its citizens. There is also a fishing pond and a natural swimming pool which is also a playground that is not less interesting.

Facilities Offered Arum Flower Tourist Village

Kembang Arum Indonesia

The facilities offered by Desa Wisata Kembang Arum are very interesting. In this eural village there is a house built specifically for guests and lodging. This house is built of bamboo, ground floor, and decorated with puppets and paintings.

In front of the house there are a variety of unique items, such as bamboo statues and bamboo table chairs. In this house visitors can get comfort because of the cool feel of the landscape and the sound of water splashing the soothing. In addition, when the evening arrives, the atmosphere of rural green will be more pronounced because you will listen to the sound of frogs, birds singing and fireflies.

Visitors to Desa Wisata Kembang Arum can also acquire painting skills even in the facilitation of canvas fabrics, paint paint, and trained in the correct way of painting. The results of the painting can even be brought home by you. In addition to painting, you can also learn batik. The batik is also entitled to be brought home by you.

Various facilities are constantly on offer for you. If you are tired and want to rest comfortably, in this tourist village you will get massage facilities. This massage can also be done on the edge of the river while enjoying the natural beauty presented in the village.

Typical cuisine is offered also by this Arum Flower Tourist Village. There is a delicious Takir Rice and you will be treated to the Twin Goddess. Twin Goddess is a typical food consisting of grilled fish salak sauce and comes with sambel salak, even oseng-oseng salak. Apparently, Tourism Village Arum Flower is dubbed the Twin Goddess because of the delicious food.

Study Tour Kembang Arum Tourism Village

Tourism Village Arum Kembang often become champion 1 in the race Tourism Village. This will increase your desire to visit here, right? Come, for those of you who are in the city of Yogya or even from out of town, you can visit this beautiful village with friends or family.

For those of you who want to be practical and do not want complicated when traveling, you can take advantage of the guide that provides tour study package to this Arum Flower Tourist Village. If you do intend to use the service guide, you can directly contact us.

You just contact us and provide information on how many groups also what to prepare, we are willing to serve and provide the best for you.

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