Pindul Cave

Pindul Cave; Down the Underground with Small Paddles

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Pindul Cave in Jogja

One of the most attractive tourist destinations in Indonesia besides Bali, many think Java is a region including Yogyakarta. Starting from a typical Jogja royal palace, waterfalls, beaches to the cave you can find in Jogja.

One of them Pindul Jogja Cave Tour which began ogled by domestic and foreign tourists. This cave has long been established but no one knows for sure when this cave was formed.

It is said that Pindul Jogja Cave Tour was formed through natural process probably millions of years ago. There is no man-made element that forms like the alleys.

Before this area became a tourist site Cave Pindul Jogja used as a place of activity such as bathing, washing clothes and fishing by local people.

The authenticity was still awake though seen to be used for bathing but the water that flows and clean because it is not contaminated anything.

In addition to bathing activities residents also use to wash clothes every day. But because this site turned into a tourist spot when the sun has shown the sparkle of citizens are forbidden to wash clothes.

In addition, it also becomes a strategic fishing spot because the river digua is filled with fish that can be a side dish for local people.

In 2010 UGM students in Yogyakarta conducted a real working lecture (KKN) to examine the rocks and water depth in the cave. But after seeing the beauty of the Pindul Cave came the thought and the idea that this cave deserve to be a tourist attraction.

Following up the idea of ​​the student finally a few months later carried out in-depth research whether the cave is worth a tourist attraction, including in terms of security most important.

Finally, Pindul Jogja Cave, which was only a local citizen who dared to enter it with the help of lighting and equipment limitations. It has now become a tourist attraction with a special interest.

But because it is still considered sacred until now no one dared to go too deep. From the original has a fear before entering the cave door but after entering into the fear of being lost because it is covered by the beauty of the panorama inside.

Tourists need not be afraid to follow the cliffs and cave passageways because the security is guaranteed by the manager and guide of this sights. With safety equipment such as vests or life jackets provided already meet the procedures of the SAR team.

Where this vest is able to hold the weight of more than 100 kg you keep floating on the water surface. To traverse the cliff is equipped with a tire equipment in a large tube that has been modified with a hook in the middle crossing rope that serves as a seat on the water.

Equipments are provided with three different size sizes for children, medium (adults) and large (jumbo) who have excess body weight.

It is said that the origin of Pindul Cave in Jogja taken from a document entitled History of the Origins of Pindul Cave. Like other tourist attractions that have their own stories and stories. Here is the quote of the origin of Pindul Cave.

The Origin of Pindul Cave

Pindul Cave in Indonesia

“The Origin of Goa Pindul” Goa Pindul, comes from the story of Ki Juru Mertani and Ki Ageng Pemanahan who are sent by Panembahan Senopati Mataram, to kill baby boys love Putri Panembahan Senopati.

On the way, the two Abdi agreed not to kill the baby. The two then went eastward to (toward Gunungkidul), while the baby continued to cry, the two messengers decided to bathe the baby.

Ki Juru Mertani climbed to one of the hills and stepped on the ground at the top of the hill, with the supernatural ground that was crushed and crushed a large hole with the flow of water underneath, then the baby was bathed in the cave in the hole.

When bathed “cheeks” the baby hit (jawa = ke bendul) stone inside. Because the event was finally called the Goa cave Pindul (pipi Kebendul). ”

Position of Pindul Cave

Pindul Cave Location

Pindul Jogja Cave is precisely located in Gunung Kidul, will provide a different adventure with an unspoiled cave and exotic scenery by exploring the water tour that inspires your sense of awe.

While combing the dark cave sensation of adventure with beautiful stalagitites and stalagmites beautiful and charming nan will provide a unique experience for tourists.

The cold water that rivers you can feel through the touch that penetrates into the soul. Inside this cave there are also beautiful ornaments such as crystal stones, moonmilk and a large pillar (giant) formed through the process of meeting stalactites and stalagmites that age thousands of years. Inside the cave is still filled with bats and in the middle of the cave there is a place where similar to a large pond.

In this large pond by tourists are usually used as a resting place for a moment starting from swimming or jumping from a height. Every traveler is encouraged to bring a guide / guide from the manager for security.

Managers here consist of 10 providers divided into two parts namely the official (official) and not official (non official). So that tourists are guaranteed security during enjoying the sensation of the underwater river in Pindul Cave Jogja.

Study Tour Pindul Cave

Pindul Cave Entrance Fee

In Pindul Cave there is a stone that has a unique shape called a curtain stone, you will also see the flickering crystal stone light behind this stone, as the guide directs the lamp.

Before reaching the finish of the trek, from inside you will see a beautiful light seen from above, this is what is called the light of heaven hidden in Jogja (a trendy term: The Hidden Paradise Of Jogja).

Indonesia has a lot of natural wealth that holds a million natural attractions that are not less interesting to be visited by local and foreign tourists who heard all over the world.

So we should be proud as an Indonesian citizen who was born and grew up in this beloved country. Many local people who travel abroad when not necessarily they see all the natural beauty that exist in Indonesia.

Even many foreign tourists and foreign tourists who spend their time to enjoy the natural beauty of the creator in Indonesia.

We can remember from the Arab king who some time ago delayed his return from Indonesia because he still wants to enjoy the natural beauty that is in Bali.

Despite having to lose some money because they have to delay 3 days of return with funds that are not small because carrying a lot of entourage.

Although the nature lovers of Pindul Jogja Cave is so popular but unfortunately for some people still less popular. So no wonder if many less know the direction and route to reach this Pindul Cave.

Even there are still not know Pindul Cave in Jogja that abundant natural beauty of the cave of the people of Indonesia itself. This means becoming a homework for the manager to advance this area to be better known by local and foreign tourists.


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