Nglambor Beach; Natural Aquarium Viewable Eye Pair

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Nglambor Beach

In general, the waves in the southern sea is a drug with a high intensity and endanger visitors who want to swim. So most beaches in the south sea only provide beautiful scenery and are forbidden to swim.

It is also possible to make many people go to Bali or Papua to snorkel or dive to the seabed. Now you do not have to go all the way out of Java to snorkel.

In Yogyakarta there are also beaches that provide facilities for snorkeling. Its location is still the same on the south coast, but the difference is the existence of two giant coral reefs that guard this coast.

Its name is nglambor beach is located in the village Purwodadi Tepus District Gunung Kidul Regency Yogyakarta. Nglambor Beach became one of the most popular tourist destinations.

How not just by spending money Rp35.000 Rp50.000 You can snorkel and see the beauty of coral reefs presented nglambor beach. Here are some facts about nglambor beach.

Unique Facts Nglambor Beach

To reach the coast of Nglambor you have to walk about 15 meters from the parking lot. If you do not want to walk you can also hire ojek services To take you to the beach.

Even if you decide to walk you will not feel loss because the scenery presented to the location of the beach is very beautiful. Wide sea expanse with crystal clear water and some coral reefs.

Slither on the right and left side of nglambor beach You will find two cliffs of coral standing firmly guarding the coastal area nglambor. Two cliffs of Coral is also the one who dispels the South Beach waves are ferocious.

Thanks to the two coral cliffs namely Karang “Watu Kalong” and “Watu Kuntul” nglambor beach tourism area can be used as a snorkeling location. Two cliffs of the Coral that dispels the waves to keep the coral reefs on the beach nglambor.

Slank existence of two coral reefs Exotis nglambor beach also presents some permanent residents in the form of fish of the type Seargeant Major, Jambron, and some small fish that turned out to be cultivated by the surrounding community.

Holding the tradition of “Ngalangi” community around nglambor beach forbade the visitors and the surrounding community to take and catch fish species and coral reefs around the beach nglambor.

Tradition “Ngalangi” itself comes from the Javanese language which means to obstruct, being in the area of ​​Yogyakarta specialty nglambor coastal community of course is a community derived from the race of the Javanese tribe.

In addition to the tradition of “Ngalangi” the people around nglambor beach does create a cultivation for the fish that become permanent residents of nglambor beach and also conservation for coral reefs that live on nglambor beach.

So do not be surprised if you go there and still see the exoticism nglambor beach that grows naturally and well maintained by the surrounding community. You as a visitor is also mandatory to preserve the natural beauty of Nglambor beach.

There is one time in a year where visitors and communities around Nglambor beach permit fishing or fishing. That is the period other than the stocking of fish seeds.

In addition, the fishing itself is quite unique or different from the usual use of factory-made nets. On nglambor beach itself for fishing with a net named Gawar.

The rose itself is a net made from the roots of a rose tree. So for those of you who intend to catch fish on the beach nglambor which is only held for once a year you must have a picture or a net from a rose tree.

Another unique thing from Nglambor beach is the fresh water emerging from crevices of rocks or coral cliffs in the ocean. Apparently this fresh water comes from a karst alley in the shape of a U-tube as an underground water channel.

Visiting Costs to Nglambor Beach

Nglambor Beach in Jogja

To visit the beach nglambor you are advised to use private vehicles or tourist buses if there come with the entourage because there is no public transportation or public transport to reach nglambor beach.

The public transport that can be used is a motorcycle taxi that is usually used from the parking lot to the beach nglambor. This may also be triggered by the state of the Nglambor Beach Road that has not been completely seamless.

To visit the Baron Beach tour you simply spend Rp5.000 in levy post including to visit the 2 beaches on the right and left beach nglambor.

The cost of his own parking is only Rp2.000 for motor vehicle and Rp5.000 for car vehicle. So if the total ranging from entrance to parking tickets you simply poured funds of Rp7.000.

With Rp7.000 you can just watch the beautiful scenery nglambor beach and water play by the beach. As for snorkeling there are separate costs that must be issued.

Especially if you do not bring snorkeling equipment from home you need to spend money to rent snorkeling equipment provided around the beach.

There are two tool rentals for snorkeling the first star Lambor snorkeling and the second pokdarwis nglambor Lestari. So do not be afraid to run out of snorkeling equipment because there are two complete rental places.

The price to rent snorkeling equipment ranges from Rp35,000 to Rp50,000 depending on the many tools you have on the lease. Do not forget to always put safety when swimming or snorkeling.

While snorkeling also you are required to preserve the coral reefs that live on the beach nglambor. Do not damage it because it takes a long time to line the coral reefs look beautiful in front of you.

Tour to Nglambor Beach

If you do not want to bother to rent equipment or walk from the parking lot to the beach can hire the services of a tour guide or toolkit to embrace you to the location nglambor beach tourism.

In addition to showing the way the tour guide will also provide snorkeling equipment you need if you previously said already intend to do snorkeling when visiting the beach nglambor.

Just come directly to the tourist guide office or can contact via phone and official website then boking date to visit and what facilities you want when visiting.

Do not forget to use the services of a quality tour guide so that your travel is not only a walk but if memorable and beneficial for you and your family and entourage.

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