Kasongan Village

Kasongan Village: Place of Pottery Production and the Most Unique Art

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Kasongan Village
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Have you ever visited Kasongan Tourism Village? If you have ever visited Yogyakarta but have never been to this place is unfortunate. Kasongan Tourism Village is usually used as a favorite tourist attraction in Yogyakarta especially if you have a hobby collecting pottery, ceramics, artifacts etc.

To know more about Kasongan tourism village located in Kajen hamlet, Bangunjiwo Village, Kasihan District, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta, you should refer to the following article.

History of Kasongan Tourism Village

Incomplete if we want to know the tourist village of Kasongan but do not know its history. According to the story of the community, the history of the Kasongan tourism village begins with the story of a Dutch horse’s Horses death over a rice field owned by a resident in a village south of Yogyakarta City.

On the case, the landowner was afraid of being sentenced by the Dutch who were then colonized Indonesia. The landowner decided to give up his land ownership, followed by other citizens who were also afraid of being punished by the Dutch.

Some of the rice fields were finally recognized by other villagers. Residents who do not own the rice field had finally started a new activity around his house, which is processing the clay that was not broken if spun for kitchen utensils and also for toys.

Over time, the work of villagers in the form of handicraft items from clay or better known as pottery or pottery craft that over time developed to be more varied in accordance with the needs and desires market.

Now, handicraft items in Kasongan Tourism Village are not only goods from clay or gerabah only, but also the villagers of kasongan tourism utilize other materials contained in the surrounding environment such as coconut shell, bamboo, rattan, wood, and others for processed into decorative items that have a higher value.

The skill of making pottery is passed down from generation to generation to make Kasongan Village as an icon of pottery tourism village in Bantul regency.

It is no stranger if Kasongan Tourism Village is a haven for antique pottery collectors. Year 1971 became the milestone of the rise of earthenware vessel business in Kasongan Bantul. A great artist of Jogja City, Sapto Hudoyo, builds a society in Kasongan that in fact works odd jobs to develop the art of pottery in their area.

The vessels that were previously underestimated existed an art that is not boring, dynamic, and has a high economic value. Gradually, Kasongan ceramics began to be developed on a large scale in the 1980s by Sahid Keramik.

Kasongan Village Ceramic Industrial Center

Kasongan Tourist Village
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It’s no secret that Kasongan Tourism Village is a residential area of ‚Äč‚Äčkundi, pitcher or gundi, which means people who make a kind of pitcher, gendi, cauldron and others belonging to cooking utensils, also decorative items made of pottery or clay.

Kasongan tourism village to date has become one of the tourist destination in Yogyakarta city which is in great demand by domestic tourists and foreign tourists. If you are here you will see a row of gallery houses offering handicraft items from pottery as well as from other materials such as jars, decorative lamps, flower pots, miniature means of transportation (rickshaws, bicycles, cars).

Various bags, sculptures, souvenirs for the bride, and other decorations that are interesting to display at home will you meet in this Kasongan Tourism Village. This village has managed to attract the attention of art collectors in the country. There are various excellent products offered by ceramic artists such as ceramic jars, fountains, Buddha statues, even terra cotta.

Not to forget the legendary product offered by Kasongan Village is a statue of Loro Blonyo. Loro Blonyo statue is a pair of bridal statues that are believed to give good luck if placed in the house. This statue was first introduced by Loro Blonyo Gallery which was adopted from the bride’s statue belonging to Kraton Yogyakarta.

We can see this Loro Blonyo statue in various poses. This makes its own variations of the legendary statue. This statue can also be used as a gift for newly weds newlyweds.

The product difference in Kasongan Tourism Village with other place is the uniqueness of its product that uses the final stage of its manufacture using natural materials that wear paint as the final touch medium. This is what causes jars from Kasongan Village is relatively more durable and so the target of domestic and foreign tourists.

Choice of colors and motifs also reflect if the pottery craft in this Kasongan Tourism Village has a high aesthetic. For those of you who are interested to know more about the process of making earthenware vessels, you can go to some galleries that offer short courses in making pottery.

Price of Handicrafts in Kasongan Tourism Village

Talking about the price of pottery and ceramic handicrafts in Kasongan tourism village depends on the difficulty level of production and its size. The price of crafts in this place is varied in the starting price of five thousand dollars to millions of dollars. The most inexpensive ceramics are souvenir ashtrays, mini sculptures, pencil cases, and candle containers.

Along with the development of the era that demands aesthetic and modern value, the craft in Kasongan Tourism Village is also metamorphosed to produce a luxurious and modern products. This is done through an interesting finishing. Mosaics in the form of small ceramic pieces add a beautiful impression of this handicraft art.

A touch of luxury, contemporary and glamorous add to the beauty of classical jars offered by Kasongan Tourism Village artists. The luxurious and attractive appearance makes the price soaring it deserves to be your home decoration.

For those of you who want to get a cheap price, you can use your skills to bid on ceramics and pottery favored by sellers in Kasongan Tourism Village.

Tour Desa Wisata Kasongan

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