Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple Story, Facts, Location and Entrance Fee

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Prambanan Temple Story

Prambanan Temple is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia. It has a height of 47 meters. Prambanan Temple is said to have a height exceeding the building of Borobudur Temple.

Prambanan Temple is located on an area of ​​39.8 ha. With surrounded by flower gardens and a large green lawn, travel to Prambanan Temple as if to drive us to the land of stone.

Why can it be called a land of stones? Because Prambanan Temple building not only consists of one main building only. Rather it consists of one main building and three temples berpendamping and two hundred more other temples.

In the vicinity of the main temple building there are three other temples whose position is opposite the main temple building. The three buildings of the temple are, Shiva Temple, Vishnu Temple, and Brahma Temple.

Prambanan temple is told as a form of Trimurti in Hindu religion. That is why besides the main temple building, there are also three other companion temple buildings.

Tour to Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Tmple Facts and Entrance Fee

In addition to being a family reference, Prambanan Temple is also suitable for the purpose of study tour for students. Besides having beautiful scenery. Prambanan temple also holds the potential as an educational tourist area.

Visiting Prambanan Temple can be an alternative to carry out outdoor learning. The fresh air and beautiful scenery make the students like to study there.

Especially if the weather is sunny, will be a lot of places to swafoto around the temple area. As we know, lately the students really like to collect photos to upload to their social media.

Prambanan temple has another name which also has its own meaning in its use. Like the nicknames of Roro Jonggrang Temple and Siwargha which means ‘Shiva House’.

Here we will briefly describe the other names of Prambanan Temple:

Roro Jonggrang Temple

Called as Roro Jonggrang Temple because of the legend and myths attached to Prambanan Temple. Namely legends and myths about the love story of Roro Jonggrang with Bandung Bondowoso.

When sitting in elementary school, maybe friends have heard love stories about Roro Jonggrang and Bandung Bondowoso from elementary school teachers respectively.

It may also have seen his story being cultivated into a prominent cinema on one of the private television stations. The story itself tells the story of love unilaterally by Bandung Bondowoso.

Once, a young magic named Bandung Bondowoso fell in love with a beautiful daughter named Roro Jonggrang. Unfortunately Bandung Bondowoso feeling is not avenged.

Roro Jonggrang does not love Bandung Bondwoso and seem reluctant to accept pinangan Bandung Bondowoso. Finally, Roro Jonggraang also gave a condition kpeada Bandung Bondowoso.

If Bandung Bondwoso successfully perform the conditions provided. So Roro Jonggrang will graciously accept pinangan Bandung Bondowoso. Terms that are given Roro Jonggrang very difficult.

Namely to make a statue that amounts to a thousand only within one night. Roro Jonggrang felt it was a very difficult requirement, but who would have thought if Bandung Bondowoso actually menyanggupinya.

With supernatural powers Bandung Bondowoso began to awaken 1000 statues in the request by the prospective queen. Unbeknownst to Roro Jonggrang, Bandung Bondowoso ask for the help of the spirits.

Getting help from the spirits, Bandung Bondowoso able to build 999 temples before sunrise. Unfortunately, he was cheated by the prospective queens.

Roro Jonggrang who panicked when knowing Bandhung Bondowoso almost complete his statues immediately wake up the residents and the ladies to help him.

The residents and the ladies were asked to pound rice and make a big fireplace. Hearing the sound of the pounded rice and the orange tinge of the fireplace, the roosters crowed.

Hearing the sound of chicken kokokan, the spirits that help Bandung Bondwoso stop working and return to their respective place asanlya. They leave before completing the statue to the thousand.

Bandung Bondowoso was wrathful after knowing the cunning of Roro Jonggrang. As a punishment, Bandung Bondowoso uses his magic to transform Roro Jonggrang into a thousand statues.

If you visit Prambanan Temple you can invite your family or students to play quiz looking for a statue to a thousand. Alias ​​looking for a statue that tangible a beautiful princess, Roro Jonggrang.

How? One interesting alternative is not to invite your family or students to travel without forgetting the active learning. At least, this can add knowledge in the field of history or general knowledge.


In Sanskrit, Siwagrha means the House of Shiva. Shiva is one of the gods incorporated in the Trimurti of Hindu religion. In the main building of Prambanan temple there is also a statue of Shiva as high as three meters.

It shows that indeed in Prambanan Temple itself, prefer the existence of Lord Shiva in the appeal of two gods lannya. That is Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma.

According to the inscription of Siwagrha, Prambanan Temple was built since 850 AD by King Pikatan. Development is continued by Balitung Maha Sambu in Medhang Mataram Kingdom era.

With the construction of this temple in its time, it shows the change of religious milestone of Medhang Kingdom, which previously embraced Mahayana Buddhist into Hindu who uphold Lord Shiva.

In the inscription is also mentioned that during the construction of Siwagrha, also done another common project that is moving the river around the temple building.

The river in the intersection is the River Opak which is made to flow curved according to its axis from north to south. Allegedly the original flow of the Opak River is curved to the East.

Trekking the original river is then dumped with soil as an extension to build the Perwara temple or other companion temple.

Using Study Tour Service to Surround Prambanan Temple

As already discussed earlier, Prambanan Temple not only has one main building. But there are some companion temples like Nandhini, Geese and Garuda who accompany the Temple of Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma.

In addition to the six temples above, seven along with the main temple buildings. There are still two Apit Temple, four Patok Temples, four Kelir Temples and 224 other Perwara Temples. Not to mention the statues and inscriptions that exist.

Unfortunately it seems if you visit the Prambanan Temple just to berswafoto without knowing the other side of Prambanan Temple. It could be about the history of the establishment until the meaning of everypandi existing.

By using the services of Study Tour or Tour Guide or tour guide. You will get a complete package of explanations ranging from the history of the founding of Prambanan Temple to the meaning of each building.

If you are hobbyist, you can also tell about tampta – a great place to take pictures. Want to take a picture together? You can also use the services of a tour guide to take your photos and family.

Lengkap sudah oleh-oleh berkualitas dari Candi Prambanan. Selain hasil foto yang bisa di pamerkan di media sosial, anda juga bisa membawa pulang oleh-oleh pengetahuan umum seputar Candi Prambanan.

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