Sundak Beach

Sundak Beach; Beach with the Evolution of Most Names

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Sundak Beach

Yogyakarta lately known as a natural tourist paradise. Because in addition to having a lot of natural attractions. The cost incurred for the visit was not too expensive.

One of them is the beach with charming white sand and the sea water is clean and clear. Located in the village Sidoharjo District Tepus Gunung Kidul Jogjakarta.

This one beach had experienced several times the name change based on the tragedy or history that occurred there. Before listening about the beauty of this beach let us first know the name evolution that occurred.

Sundak Beach Name Change

In 1930 it was described that the Sundak Beach area was still submerged in sea water. It is said that the water that soaked Sundak beach area to reach the mosque and cave coral which is currently a tourist attraction.

Due to geological phenomena, finally sea water that once soaked the coastal area now jutted into the sea area. So that the surrounding coastal areas used as a new plain that is used for economic activities of local residents.

Well there is a unique thing that later became the basis on behalf of Sundak Beach. Prior to the name of Sundak beach this beach first known as to the beach Wedi Surgery.

This is because during the rainy season the plains to the east will split into a river that drains water from inside the coral cave to the sea. While during the dry season the split plains disappeared.

Wedi Surgery is the name of the Java language which means the sand that divides. As already mentioned above the nickname Wedi Surgery is taken based on the phenomenon of splitting sand during the rainy season.

Several decades later in 1976 the name of Wedi Surgical beach changed again due to the unique incident that accompanies it. The incident was a fight between a dog and a hedgehog.

It is said that there is a dog starving and running along the beach, the dog then entered into a fire that at that time was not submerged in sea water.

Inside the cave the dog had found a hedgehog near a spring. Because of hunger the dog intends to eat the hedgehog in the cave.

Unfortunately hedgehogs do not just give their bodies to eat by the dog. Powerfully trying to avoid dog bites and protecting him.

Fierce fighting takes place inside the cave of dogs and hedgehogs chasing each other. On one side the starving dog tries to bite the hedgehog part and the frightened hedgehog runs away from the bite.

The fight was finally won by a dog who managed to eat some of the hedgehog’s body. Proudly the dog came out of the cave with the body part of the hedgehog still in his mouth.

It turned out that the hedgehog eaten by the dog had a master or owner named Arjasangku. The owner sees the dog coming out of the Coral cave with a mouth that bites the body part of a hedgehog.

Arjasangku then looked into the cave and found part of his hedgehog’s body. But there is something else that concerns my aroma as well as the death of his pet.

That is the body of a dog drenched when getting out of the cave reef. My archetypes assume that the dog falls into the spring while in the cave. Together with some of my Arjasaku residents then research into the cave.

It is true that in the cave there is a fresh spring which then until now became a source of fresh water for the people around Sundak Beach. Well the name of Sunda beach itself is taken from the history of a fight between ash and hedgehog.

In the Javanese language the dog has a meaning as the asphalt and the hedgehog is still the hedgehog. By combining the names of the two animals, namely asu and porcupine, the new name of the beach became Sundak.

Sundak Beach Exoticism

Sundak Beach in Yogya

After knowing the evolution of the name Sundak Beach it’s time we are acquainted with the natural beauty that served Sundak Beach. After traveling about 2 hours from downtown Jogjakarta it is time you relax by the Sundak Beach.

Having a large wave exposure, Sunda beach does not provide the option for you to swim when visiting Sundak Beach. You might be able to play water on the beach that is not too dangerous.

You can also visit the coral cave in the east which is also one of the proof of the evolution of the name Sundak Beach. Inside the cave you will find freshwater wells used by residents as a source of fresh water.

Relax you do not need to be afraid when visiting the coral cave because the coral cave has a height of about 12 meters. A small lion is likely if you will be stuck in it because your body is too high.

Had a tangent in the beginning also that Sundak Beach has a charming white sand and sea water is clear and clean. Suitable for you who visit here to calm the mind or refreshing.

On the beach you will find small hut shacks or umbrellas rented by residents. You can take shelter in the huts and umbrellas are available with pay enough.

In addition you may also want to perform worship for Muslims, you do not need to find a mosque at the nearest gas station. Play Sundak Beach has mosque facilities located not far from the parking lot.

The distance between the location of the parking with the beach itself can be reached by walking as far as 40 m. Not too far is not it? While walking you can enjoy the view of coral rocks that are on the beach.

In addition to its natural beauty you can also learn the history when visiting Sundak Beach. For example about the change of name you can ask directly to the elders of citizens around Sundak Beach.

There are two elders who can ask you for information that is Mbah Tugiman and Mbah Arjasangku. Both are elders residents around Sundak Beach that is still alive today.

Sundak Beach turned out to also have an attraction when visiting at night. Enjoying the breeze by the beach while burning the fish into one of the favorite diners at night.

Unfortunately his Beach Sundak does not have lodging facilities such as hotels or homestay If you want to stay overnight. So you need to bring your own overnight equipment if intending to stay overnight.

If not you can also spend the night in the hut shack is rented or on the bench bench stool that is not used if at night. Surely you could be cold from sleep without a blanket.

Usually visitors who come at night or overnight in Sundak Beach area, ordering raw fish then burn it alone while enjoying the beach breeze and see a very beautiful star clusters.

Maybe If you are lazy to burn your own fish that you ordered you can also order it in a form that is cooked. So you can enjoy eating fish while enjoying the breeze and the sound of waves.

Study Tour to Sundak Beach

Well see the potential of history that saved Sundak Beach You are encouraged to hire the services of tour guides when intending to visit the beach Sundak. The main reason for you not only to visit but also to know its history.

A good tour guide will also show you a good way to get to Sunda beach and a good time to visit If you intend to see sand dividing in the rainy season.

Do not hesitate Immediately pick up your phone and call the following number to get the best tourist tree service or can also open the website at to find out more information on the best tour guide.

Well If you have decided to lock into Sundak Beach do not forget to keep the beach clean and maintain the natural conservation around it. Do not throw garbage carelessly or damage the existing facilities.

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